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Hometown Hero: Kyle native serves in Navy

By Megan Wehring

KYLE – Seaman David Fines, a native of Kyle, is serving at Defense Information School (DINFOS), a premier communication learning institution.

Seaman David Fines, native of Kyle, serves at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) for the Navy (photo by Amber A. Weingart, Mass Communication Specialist, 1st Class)

Fines graduated from Jack C. Hays High School in 2007 and today, uses skills and values similar to those learned in the city of Kyle.

“The life lesson I have carried over from my hometown to my naval career is the importance of pride in a job well done,” Fines said.

For the last 55 years, DINFOS has trained communicators across the Department of Defense to help their organizations achieve strategic and operational goals through applied public affairs strategies and visual information products. Courses offered by DINFOS include Digital Multimedia, Joint Contingency Public Affairs, Broadcast Journalism and Graphic Design.

 Serving in the Navy means Fines is part of a team that is taking on new importance in America’s focus on rebuilding military readiness, strengthening alliances and reforming business practices in support of the National Defense Strategy.

“The Navy provides force deterrence and maintains free and open waterways around the world,” Fines added.

With more than 90% of all trade traveling by sea and 95% of the world’s international phone and internet traffic carried through fiber optic cables lying on the ocean floor, Navy officials continue to emphasize that the prosperity and security of the United States is directly linked to a strong and ready Navy.

Fines and his fellow sailors have many opportunities to achieve accomplishments during their military service.

“The accomplishment that I am most proud of is when I was promoted from a seaman recruit to seaman apprentice to seaman during basic training,” Fines said. “This is a big jump from three different ranks putting me about 18 months ahead of my peers. This meritorious exception happened because of my advanced knowledge in the different areas being tested. Suddenly, I understood that I had prepared all my life for this moment.”

As Fines and other sailors continue to train and perform the missions they are tasked with, they take pride in serving their country in the United States Navy. “Serving in the Navy means capturing all that I have tried in my civilian careers and giving it a new beginning, a better purpose and a new future,” Fines concluded.

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Megan Navarro (formerly Wehring) graduated from Texas State University in May 2020 with a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication. In June 2020, she started a summer internship at the Hays Free Press/News-Dispatch through the Dow Jones News Fund and Texas Press Association. She then earned her way to a reporter position later that summer and now, she serves as the editor of the newspaper. Working for a small publication, Navarro wears multiple hats. She has various responsibilities including managing a team of reporters, making editorial decisions, overseeing social media posts, fact checking, writing her own articles and more. Navarro has a heart for storytelling and she believes that journalists are equipped to share the stories that are important to the community.

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