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Letter to the Editor

On Tuesday July 26th, 2022, Buda City Hall Planning & Zoning Commission hosted a public meeting regarding the Persimmon Tract on FM 967.  Milestone Builders presented their plans on the proposed future construction of a subdivision.  Many neighbors from the Coves of Cimarron, Cimarron Park, Creekside Park, and other surrounding subdivisions came to the city council meeting to speak against the proposed build.  The neighbors gave heartfelt speeches about how the build would adversely affect them.  After outlining their concerns about traffic, water, and wastewater issues, forest preservation, noise, safety and overcrowding concerns, Milestone Builders demanded a vote.  On behalf of all the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, I would like to give a gigantic thank you to all of the Planning & Zoning commissioners who voted down the proposal.  Much gratitude to them for overwhelmingly voting against Milestone and protecting our neighborhoods. 

The next day, Wednesday July 27th, a huge wildfire broke out on the proposed property and many of us were terrified or extremely concerned.  I would also like to give a special shout out and thank you to all of the fire departments who so quickly responded and contained the fire.  Thanks to the Planning & Zoning Commission for listening and acting on their voter’s behalf, and the heroic quick response of Hays fire departments, you are helping the residents of Buda to Breathe Easy with a huge sigh of relief. 

So, to the neighbors who showed up or spoke out, Planning & Zoning commissioners who had our back, and the fire fighters who saved the day, thanks so much, you all rock!

Mary Harsh

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