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Buda bonds: where we stand

By David Nuckles
Buda Bond Oversight Committee Chair

As our small, bustling city continues to grow, so does our need for additional resources and infrastructure improvements. In 2020, our City Council formed the Buda Bonds Advisory Committee (BBAC) to analyze potential projects for consideration in the 2021 bond election, which resulted in two bond recommendations: Proposition A, to address transportation infrastructure and mobility, and Proposition B, to improve and expand local parks and recreation spaces.

In November 2021, many of us gathered at the polls to approve both bonds. Each bond proposition passed with over 60% of voter approval, indicating strong support for a safe, accessible, and active community for all.

After the nearly $90 million bond package passed with overwhelming support from voters, Buda’s City Council established the Buda Bond Oversight Committee (BBOC) to advise and provide local guidance to council members and staff. This committee, made up of over 20 appointed community members and alternates, aims to ensure that the 2021 bonds are implemented in an efficient, equitable, fiscally responsible, and transparent manner. As Chair of the BBOC, I am pleased to share with you that projects funded under the 2021 Buda Bonds are underway.

The City of Buda has an extensive list of both long- and short-term goals, and although we’d love to see all projects and improvements completed at once, we are following evaluation criteria to prioritize projects based on safety, mobility, access, economic development, and good stewardship of public funds. Bond projects also are being assessed based on their eligibility for potential local, state, or federal grant funding.

The BBOC has sat through several presentations and late-night meetings getting to know our City staff, understanding the bond process, and figuring out our role as members of the committee. We receive regular project updates, discuss questions and concerns, and share the feedback we hear from you – our friends and neighbors.

From learning about procurement procedures to understanding project timelines, and making recommendations to the Buda City Council, our work is not taken lightly. We represent you – the community of Buda. We are proud to be part of this process to see these projects come to fruition.

Many of the projects being funded through the bonds are complex infrastructure developments and will take time to complete, but we will have the opportunity to see some completed in a shorter timeframe – a feat that typically takes several years to accomplish when implementing bond projects.

For example, the parking lot of our beloved City Park will be improved and our neighbors in Green Meadows will see park improvements like an expanded basketball court and new pavilion. As projects progress, we will share updates on parkland expansion projects, including developing a new regional park east of I-35 and constructing a new trail to connect Old Black Colony and Garrison Park. There also are several infrastructure projects planned for our streets and roadways in the near future, which include pedestrian and bike path connections, roadway reconstruction and realignments, and safety improvements at major intersections.

So, where are we in the process and why is it important?

Many of the projects are in the scoping phase, which means staff is identifying what services are needed to efficiently complete each project. In some cases, projects are past this phase and are close to selecting design or construction firms. Once design professionals are selected for individual projects, the design work begins.

These projects will provide reliable infrastructure, safe community parks and enhanced green spaces that will help Buda keep pace with growth and provide opportunities for more desired development.

Get involved – we want to hear from you. Visit or attend a monthly BBOC meeting to share your feedback and questions. Members of the BBOC alongside the City of Buda staff are committed to sharing updates as information becomes available.

From a small committee to two voter-approved bonds, along with an entire support team, we are on the road to enhancing our community to be a better place to live, work, and play.

We greatly appreciate your support as we move forward with this substantial process in the years ahead!

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