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Letter to the Editor

Clarification- This letter to the editor originally appeared in print without the name of the writer. This was an internal error. The policy of Barton Publications is to always include the author’s name of letters. The author’s name has been added below.

To the Margarita and Salsa Fest promoters – You gotta do better. You got me.
I thought I would support the venue and bought two VIP tickets for my wife and I. Glad I did since it sold out.
First off, the music was great. Shaker Hymns, Mike and the Moonpies and, of course, Pat Green were fantastic. They played to the audience and the audience responded with applause.
But that is where it ends. The Margarita line, since it was a Margarita and Salsa festival, was a two hour long wait. The food trucks, and there were only five, had a one hour line and 20-30 wait for food to get your order. Even the VIP Lounge, for VIP spenders, was a 45 minute to an hour wait.
There is more. For my VIP tickets I was allowed to sit on a cement slab, no chairs allowed, for the performances. Once the headliner came on those who didn’t pay for VIP tickets were allowed to come and stand in front of me.
Never again. We like to support the Buda venues, but at least we like to think we got our money’s worth. Not this time. You gotta do better.

Signed, Joel Mosier

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