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Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

“To the un-named writer of the letter-to-the-editor in last week’s newspaper who wrote about last week’s Margarita and Salsa Fest in Buda, I must say that you are not alone. But you are maybe the only person who had the resolve to bring the situation to light with a letter. There were many other people in attendance who experienced exactly what you did, indeed many who just gave up in line and left early. After 14 years in Buda at such events this is now “a movie I have seen before.” Tourism in Buda, now elevated to “Destination Marketing”, has no one at city hall who has proven consistently capable of event planning on this level. New city manager Micah Grau would do well to reduce the bloat left by his predecessor and start over for less money and better results, instead of a tourism department dreaming of a convention center in Buda to feather their nest with more traffic. To borrow your plea, city hall has “gotta do better.”

Louis Lee Jurika

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