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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Gee wiz golly, the guy just won’t give up! He persists with his “Bad Boy” private army and his crowd of mesmerized followers.

We lost moral authority with the other Nations of our planet in the four years that the program of “Make America Great Again” was in the White House. 

In two years, with a new Administration, we have managed to recoup much that was lost in the preceding four years.

We’ve managed to get back into the Climate Control program and reinstate the Environmental Protection Agency.

 We are still at work prosecuting the thugs who broke into our Nation’s Capitol and threatened our Congressional Legislators.

We are in the process of being more humane that the last Administration to those seeking asylum in flight from countries worse than ours.

We are desperately trying to work out some kind of compromise for women to have a say-so over their own bodies after the last Administration managed to tip Judicial Power against Women’s Rights. 

We are trying to protect those productive DACA immigrants from deportation. (It appears that many “Christians” in the USA have disregarded their Savior’s advice: “Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto you.”)

In other words, we are working to make the World a better place, a place of kindness and creativity, where ALL CAN LIVE IN HARMONY.

In regards to America being “Great Again”, America WAS GREAT before the last Administration put a shadow on that greatness,

We don’t plan to give up a Democracy that has been maintained through sweat and tears for over 200 years to a misguided crowd backed by a “Bad Boy” private army, prodded on by our last Administration, to throw us into chaos once again. 

To KEEP our Democracy and to promote harmony on our fragile planet we must become informed citizens, seeking reliable news such as NPR and PBS, and VOTE as informed citizens. Every vote counts no matter what the misguided tell you.

NOTE; I graciously invite comment.

Victoria Taylor
Dripping Springs, Texas 

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