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From the Crow’s Nest: Cheers to a more cheerful 2023

By Clint Younts

Well, we made it through another year. 2022 was a rough one for many of us, but we kept on plodding forward. I can look back on 2022 and recall having more good times than bad days. 

I got to frolic in the Gulf of Mexico and marvel at the majestic Rocky Mountains. I woke to more beautiful sunrises than dreary mornings. I stopped watching the morning news and began each day trying to get Wordle. That’s how I spent 2022.

Now, as I sit here on January 1, my head aching from either cedar pollen or that champagne I purchased from Dollar General, I am thinking I should make some New Year resolutions. I’m struggling to come up with any since I’ve been making resolutions for several decades and never kept one past February. It seems like the most common resolutions have to do with improving one’s health, like losing weight, exercising more or cutting back on alcohol consumption. Well, I don’t need to do any of these things. I’ve been wearing the same size jeans for 30 years, and I work harder now after retiring than I did when I had a job. As for cutting back on my beer drinking, you’ve got to be joking! 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a heavy beer drinker. I only weigh 215. If I go over 225 pounds and can’t snap my britches, I switch to light beer until I get back to my previous weight. This is my version of drinking responsibly.

While I’m on the subject of alcohol consumption, do any of y’all answer honestly when the doctor asks how many alcohol beverages do you drink in a week? I usually ask him, “Which week?” Some doctors have a sense of humor while others just frown and say, “It’s time for your prostate exam”. I made a resolution a few years ago to not joke around with doctors with fat fingers.

I suppose if I have to make a resolution, I’m gonna try to be less grumpy and have more patience. It seems as I gain gray hairs, I lose patience. I used to have a high tolerance when in the company of fools, but as I age gracefully, I tend to voice my opinions more often. 

I used to enter debates online with truly ignorant souls, but I came to the conclusion that arguing with fools is like chopping cedars with a dull ax. It takes too much energy and you don’t get much accomplished.  Something I started doing the past few months is simply blocking folks who seem to enjoy tossing buffalo chips in the campfire. I also like to block Philadelphia Eagle fans.  Out of sight, out of mind.

I probably fuss too much about all the construction and destruction that these developers are doing around us. And I fuss about government officials who have the foresight of a mole with cataracts. They continue to let developers build more homes in areas with narrow roads and dwindling water supply. 

I know I complain a lot about all the rude drivers and the awful traffic on our country roads. Hey, if you want to drive like hell, don’t do it in God’s country. 

I fuss a lot about crooked politicians who lie and cheat, and I fuss about people who will vote to keep them in office.

Yeah, I reckon I should be less grumpy and stop complaining so much. The best solution to achieve my resolution is chilling in my beer fridge. So, if y’all want to hear less fussin’ and complainin’ from this grumpy old man, y’all need to be darn sure that my fridge is always full. And if it looks like I’ve gained weight, buy me some light beer. 

Happy New Year, y’all!

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