Know your candidates for Kyle City Council District 4: Alexander Villalobos

Alexander Villalobos will face off against Tim McHutchion for the Kyle City Council District 4 seat. The Hays Free Press asked Kyle City Council candidates the following questions. Answers are printed below.

Alexander Villalobos

1. What is the biggest issue the city faces and how do you plan to address it? 

I would slice our critical areas in three sections.  Public Safety, Infrastructure and Economic Development.  They are inter-related and need to be addressed responsibly and sensitive to the quality of life concerns of the Citizens of Kyle.

2. What do you bring to the table that your opponents don’t?  

I have the experience of creating strategic plans; Local, Regional, and National Partnership building.  This experience has afforded me the opportunity to engage in governance, legislation and policy evaluation at all levels; I currently manage a budget legislated by the State of Texas, within the budget I currently am tasked to critically assess public safety strategies to ensure resource management, recruitment, retention, training and policy implementation.

3. Do you think Kyle is a fiscally responsible city? 

I would like to evaluate and assess all data before I make a comment about the state of our budget.

4. What are your thoughts on the current state of Kyle roads? 

They are a critical piece of infrastructure, and believe we have room for improvement to address repair, maintenance and development throughout the City of Kyle.  We should address this area in a balanced and strategic manner.

5. Is Kyle managing its growth responsibility? 

I would like to see more engagement of Citizens in the planning process to ensure that we are creating partnerships, promoting transparency and good stewardship of the taxpayer’s dollars.

 6. Does Kyle have a diverse housing market? If not, how can that be fixed? 

The City is in a growth pattern.  I believe we need to create opportunities to engage our citizens to ensure that the growth is developed in the best benefit of our current and future citizens.  When considering residential development, it should be done with the consideration of Public Safety, Infrastructure and economic development, all sensitive to the quality of life issues that are important to the Citizens of Kyle.

7. What are types of industry should Kyle focus on bringing to town? 

 I believe we need to critically assess the city’s infrastructure, to prepare for economic development strategies that would present a profile that would broaden our opportunities for industry that will promote jobs with a living wage that allow citizens to live, buy and raise a family in the City of Kyle.

 8. Does Kyle have a problem with its utility billing system? 

It is a concern of the citizens of Kyle. I believe we can do better at creating opportunities to inform, educate and ensure access to information about the billing system.  I would also include Town Hall meetings as an opportunity to share and engage the community.  With these opportunities it would be prudent to conduct surveys, to gain a better understanding of how the City of Kyle can best address the concerns of the Citizens.

9. What was your favorite TV show growing up? 

 The “Million Dollar Man” starring Lee Majors.

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