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Know your candidates for Kyle City Council District 4: Tim McHutchion

Tim McHutchion will face off against Alexander Villalobos for the Kyle City Council District 4 seat. The Hays Free Press asked Kyle City Council candidates the following questions. Answers are printed below.

Tim McHutchion

1. What is the biggest issue the city faces and how do you plan to address it?

The biggest issue that our city faces is growth. Some people embrace it and others do not. I believe this is because of the lack of information that they have. I will bring City Hall to Town Hall meetings, City Hall to HOA meetings, City Hall to social media, and City Hall to the doorsteps of citizens in District 4. They are the Government of our City and deserve and have the right to be informed.  I realize that we have a website for citizens to access this information through, but I want to reach out and bring the information to them, along with answearing any questions they may have. 

2. What do you bring to the table that your opponents don’t?

I served in the U.S.A.F and defended the values and ideals they we have today. I will reaffirm to the citizens of District 4 and Kyle that they are the Government and therefore have a say in the administration of thier City. After all, we are only public servants to serve the needs of our citizens.

3.  Do you think Kyle is a fiscally responsible city?

I do. I will continue the same fiscal responsibility that our current City Council member for District 4 David Wilson has. I believe in smart growth, growth that will not burden the taxpayer in District 4 and Kyle, but only allow them to enjoy the quality of life that it brings. 

4.  What are your thoughts on the current state of Kyle roads?

The 36 million dollar bond that was passed in 2013 is showing it results now. We have a new and refurbished Bunton Creek Rd. (Formerly Goforth Rd). Next in line is Lehman Rd, Bunton Rd, Burleson, and Marketplace.  With future developers coming to our City, further infrastructure growth will occur, along with investments for further upgrades to our roads. However, we must always be in smart growth mode, even for our streets, to ensure that that money we borrow for these upgrades will be done in a fiscally responsible manner so that once again, we do not burden the taxpayers.

5.  Is Kyle managing its growth responsibly?

I believe that for the growth we have now, that it has. The infrastructure growth that we currently have in our city has attracted business, both big and small. We still have alot of land in our City to develope, and as a representative to our district, I will always ensure that we approach further growth proactively, and, based on the input from citizens in District 4. As I have said before, I believe in business growth in District 4 and Kyle, as long as that growth does not harm the land, or its people, and does not place a burden on the taxpayer.

6.  Does Kyle have a diverse housing market? If not, how can that be fixed?

I believe that we have diverse housing in our City, from apartments to homes, to mobile home communities, we have the diversity that attracts families to our City. However, I still stress that further business growth, both large and small, must provide a living wage so that folks who live in Kyle can live, work and play here. 

7.  What are types of industry should Kyle focus on bringing to town? 

The most important type of business that we need to bring and nurture in Kyle is small business. It is the backbone of our community, and also places a brand on our city. Based on feedback from citizens in District 4, we need to have more sit down restaurants. As far as big business and industry, as I have said, as long as those entities do not harm the land, or its people, offer infrastructure development, contribute to street upgrades, and agree to provide jobs that offer a living wage in line with our local economy.

8. Does Kyle have a problem with its utility billing system?

I have spoken to the City Accountant on this issue. What I know is that in the months of June and July, it was hot. There was no measurable rain, and there was a lot of evaporation. These factors, as I have been told, led to incresed water usage that resulted in higher bills for citizens in August. I too, had a higher water bill. In August, based on 2 complaints made to City Council persons, based on their respective districts, had water meters independently tested. There were no decrepancies noted.

9. What was your favorite TV show growing up?

Star Trek.

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